Mining companies are currently at their highest values ​​and benefit from the increase in the value of silver because they, who exploit this metal, can sell it at a better price.

Some think when asked where we are currently in terms of this metal if it’s time to buy or sell, the answer is to wait, there’s uncertainty, and you don’t buy an asset when it’s falling to the lowest levels because it’s impossible to know how much is the lock limit.

There’s no rebound in sight when it’s falling, so it might be worth waiting a little longer to make the purchase; of course, this is just an approach, not a recommendation.

There are always buying opportunities; there is no need to be in a hurry with investments, waiting weeks, even months, to find out what the next step will be, is the premise.

Another valid opinion is that the best time to invest in metals is when the economy is good because today’s world economy is a bit unstable; when economies are growing and inflation rates are low, these metals are cheaper.

The truth is that the economies of many countries could get even worse, and because of this, these precious metals, including silver, can continue to rise in price, coupled with the demand for silver in the technology sector, which increases its value.

The current price of silver may not be very attractive to buy, but those who want to risk buying at high prices should consider that it will be a long-term investment; it is not immediately profitable when done in this way.

A clear advantage when you want to invest in a precious metal like silver is that you can start with very little money; simply buying an ounce will not require more volume in your pocket and can represent the beginning of future savings.

Paper money is not safe, while silver, as an investment metal, can be. In countries where you can save on local currency, making a section for buying silver coins or bars will be very useful.

Silver can be an undervalued asset. It is a scarce and finite metal, so it is certain that its upward trend in its future value. Depending on the type of investor, silver has sufficient volatility, more than gold. If it is likely to continue like this, it is an advantage for those who want to make a profit in a short period, two to five years, maybe less.

You have to be careful if it falls in the same range between 13 and 21 dollars; this would make you think that it is not a good time to sell if it is above these 21 dollars, as you have to wait for further increases, no doubt.